Spotting The Spotted Lake, Canada

Spotted Lake is located in British Columbia near the city of Osoyoos, Canada. It is locally known as Kliluk to the Indian natives of the Okanagan Valley. This spotted lake is an amazing tourist attraction site and attracts visitors from all around the world. The lake is a large reservoir of dissolved minerals particularly sulphates. The minerals present in the lake are in extremely high concentrations. These minerals include calcium, magnesium and sodium sulphate. In addition to the sulphate minerals, the lake also contains very high concentrations of eight other minerals and low concentration of other titanium and silver.

The Spotted Lake is around one of the hottest places in Canada. It is located at the northern tip of the Sonoran desert making it a true semi arid desert in Canada. During summer, the temperatures frequently reach a high of 38 degrees Celsius. At these temperatures, the areas around the lake it become an oasis for tourists due to the guaranteed hot sun on the sandy beaches.

When the water in the lake evaporates over the summer, the minerals are left behind forming large deposits in a process is called crystallization. The mineral composition of the spots varies forming different shades of colors. These spots formed are either white, blue, pale yellow or even green and are mostly composed of magnesium sulphate. The spots sometimes harden to form a “path” between and around the other spots for a closer view.

The Spotted Lake was considered sacred and culturally important by the native Indians. It was a popular belief among them to use the water and mud from the lake for therapeutic purposes especially to heal aches. Moreover, the minerals in the lake were harvested by Chinese laborers and shipped them to ammunition factories to be used for the manufacture of ammunition in Eastern Canada during the First World War.

One Of The Most Exciting Sites In Canada

You cannot discover Canada without visiting the Berry Head Arch Canada. Its is an amazing arch shaped rock situated on the Spurwink Island path along the East coast trail, just about 6km north of Port Kirwan. It is a naturally occurring rock featured on the natural arch and bridge society website and listed among the 21 places to see before you die. It is one of the coolest places in the world as it looks like a sea cave, you can view it from different angles and even walk on it.

How to access berry head arch Canada

There are two ways of accessing the arch; one you can use the Spurwink island path which is a trail behind the church at Port Kirwan, the trail will lead you straight to the berry head arch. Alternatively, from the Aquaporte River, you can walk to the arch which is a distance of about 17 km hike.

Significance of the Berry head arch

1. It serves as a home for thousands of different birds.
2. The sea cave is a home for endangered species like the greater horseshoe bat.
3. The Berry head arch is one of the two sites that following can be found; white rock rose, small hare’s ears and small Restharrow.
4. It’s a great tourist attraction site as you can view the Iron Age hill fort.
5. The site has interests in the scientific field research.
6. It is a national nature and local reserve.
7. With the Berry Head arch, other important things have come up like the lighthouse and beacon used for air traffic control

In conclusion, the Berry arch Canada is just the most exciting place to visit if you are hungry for a fantastic hike or view of wildlife, or out of this world site view. The whole experience involves a view of meadows, offshore islands, waterfalls and cliffs, an awesome rock bridge above the sea, various bird types, the beach, and barrens. This should definitely be your next holiday destination.

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